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Get Properly Informed & Be Prepared!

Blog by Brent Eilers | February 19th, 2018

Today arranging Real Estate financing is tougher than ever before. New property transfer rules, and higher "stress" tests have made it very challenging for all consumers. In the summer of 2016 new transfer taxes made it much more expensive for new immigrants. In the fall of 2016 new tougher stress tests for first time buyers were introduced, and just recently (Jan 1, 2016) an even more stringent stress test was put in place for existing home owners whom wished to buy bigger properties or take on more mortgage financing.

Since Jan 1st of this year there have been many clients that have negotiated  contracts to purchase Real Estate only to have them collapse due to an inability to arrange the additional funds to aquire the property, or qualify under these new rules. It is critical today to be properly informed! We can do that. Don't miss out, call today so we can assist you in being fully prepared!