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Considering Selling?...Think Before You Act!

Blog by Brent Eilers | May 31st, 2020

           If you are considering a move, make sure you have a well thought out plan. The following is a good listing "procederal check list" to help you keep on track:
  • Together, decide if this is the right time for you and your family to sell your home. A move today should benefit you in either one of two ways, or preferable both. It should help enhance the “quality of your life”, or it should improve or protect your “financial security”. Otherwise, it is ok not to move.
  • Establish if this is the right time in the “real estate cycle” to make the type of move you are considering? Some years are much better than others to make certain moves.
  • Establish if this is the “right time of year” to sell your home? Some months are much better than others.
  • Decide on the Realtor you believe will be best suited to accomplish your goals before you decide on the price!! Qualities like; experience, sales skills, the realtor’s personal involvement in your home sale, and a good personality match should all be considered.
  • Establish what is the most likely “Selling” price range of your home, and not the “Listing” price range. You should only ever be interested in what you get, not what the list price is. Listing prices get Realtors’ listings, selling prices get you moved!
  • Discuss the commission rate that will be charged by the Realtor you are considering. This fee is important as it often represents the greatest cost to sell your home. The rate of commission is important, however it is far more critical that you get value for the amount that is charged, than to choose a Realtor just because they offer the lowest rate! Like many things, you often get what you pay for.
  • Establish the total costs to sell so you can identify a potential net return to yourselves. If you sell. This will include the obvious commissions plus G.S.T. fees, as well as legal, possible mortgage payout fees, and moving costs.
  • Decide on the timing required to fully expose your home to the market. This will normally involve the following; doing the listing paperwork, processing of the listing on M.L.S., putting up a sign, professional photography, acquiring a floor plan, having an agent’s open house, having at least one public open house, and providing adequate time for private showings. This total process usually will take about 7-10 days to complete all aspects. If you do not do all these things, it is possible that you may leave some money on the table.
  • Decide if there are any alterations or repairs that may be required to benefit the saleability of your home. Usually these are cosmetic. Make sure that the time required to do the improvements does not delay the listing time period such that you jeopardize missing the best part of the market. “Timing in Real Estate” is everything!

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