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A Time for Reflection!

Blog by Brent Eilers | March 30th, 2020

As we all struggle to get by at this tremendously challenging time, it is an opportunity to take a breath and reflect. For decades now, (since the early seventies) we have been blessed with a generally inflationary economy. We have been part of the "have " generation with so much opportunity to pursue our goals and expand our horizons. For many in our city, we have been able to particaipate in home ownership which has resulted in massive equity growth. Real estate prices have out-stripped income capacity by several hundered percent.

In generations past, home ownership was a priviledge, not  a right. A family usually only bought one home and lived in it until they could not. A families' pride was connected to how quickly they could pay off their debt, and not how much profit they could achieve. A home was a place to share family bonds and develop moral fiber. Foundational values were nurtured and a dedication to the good of the community was promoted.

We all have so much to be thankful for. We are being provided with the gift of a wakeup call. A chance to re-boot and really reflect on the values we wish to hold on to most as we move forward. These hard times will of course pass. Some will be left with some major financial and emortional scars. They will all heal with hard work and dedication. We will all have an opportunity to make choices moving forward. We can choose to be thankful for what we have and to again look forward to what is to come.